October 01, 2009

Iowans-Gay Marriage Has Brought No Real Change

The Des Moines Register has published the results of an extensive survey in Iowa regarding attitudes toward same-sex marriage (hat tip PageOneQ). Here's what really jumped out at us:

The overwhelming majority of Iowans - 92 percent - say gay marriage has brought no real change to their lives.

Try to match that up with some of the anti-equality rhetoric that warns of how same-sex marriage will damage the institution of marriage and tear at the very fabric of society. If that has happened, Iowa obviously missed it. Here's more from the survey:

Iowans are almost evenly divided about whether they would vote for or against a constitutional amendment to end marriage for same-sex couples, according to The Des Moines Register's new Iowa Poll.

Forty-one percent say they would vote for a ban, and 40 percent say they would vote to continue gay marriage. The rest either would not vote or say they are not sure.

The most intensity about the issue shows up among opponents. The percentage of Iowans who say they strongly oppose gay marriage (35 percent) is nearly double the percentage who say they strongly favor it (18 percent).

The poll shows that 26 percent of Iowans favor April's unanimous court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, 43 percent oppose it and 31 percent don't care much or are not sure.

Despite the 43 percent opposition to the ruling, 61 percent of Iowans say other issues will influence their decision on whether to vote to retain Iowa Supreme Court justices in the 2010 elections.

We've seen elsewhere around the nation that equality opponents will NOT give up, usually believing that their narrow, out-of-context interpretation of a few bible verses gives them the moral high ground, and giving up would be tantamount to give Satan a victory.

Hopefully more grounded views with a greater depth of understanding and compassion towards the rights of ALL people will prevail in Iowa, and eventually the entire United States.

Click here to read the rest of the Des Moines Register story.

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