September 27, 2009

LGBT Helping Hands 9/27/09-Lifelines Rhode Island

The only statewide, multi-service nonprofit organization focused on meeting the needs of transgender, transsexual, gender variant and intersex people in RI and surrounding areas. Advocates, provider and agency trainings, referrals, support group, work shops, social events and other services.

Lifelines Rhode Island believes that all people deserve full equal rights, regardless of their sex designations at birth, gender identities, or anatomical configurations. This includes the fundamental civil right of all people to determine their social and legal gender(s), to access resources for medical transition to align their physical bodies more closely with their body concept or "hardwiring" (sometimes called "neurological sex" or "kinesthetic sex"), and to be free from the unwanted surgical and hormonal alterations often inflicted upon people whose bodies do not fit common definitions of "male" or "female". This includes both people with binary man/woman gender identities and/or male/female body concepts, as well as people whose gender identities and/or body concepts do not fit within a binary model.We understand the diversity of identity and experience among TGI people.

Lifelines is located in Providence, RI. Click here to learn more.

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