September 09, 2009

SNN Recommends 9/9/09-Project Maine Equality

Maine is a showdown state in the battle for LGBT equality with the upcoming referendum vote on full marriage rights. Project Maine Equality is leading the fight to protect marriage rights for ALL people. Th eir website features videos of the pro-marriage TV commercials they are running, testimonials from Maine residents about why equality is important, and these aspects of the mission statement of the organization:

There are as many reasons for "Why Marriage" as there are people in Maine.
Marriage is about supporting two people who make a lifelong commitment to each other.
Marriage is about providing legal protections for parents and their children.
Marriage is about strong families and strong communities.
Gay and lesbian families are an important part of our community in Maine. They deserve the legal protections that come only through a legal marriage.

Marriage is a lifelong partnership between two people, whether those two people are gay or straight. All loving, committed couples deserve the dignity and respect that marriage brings, as well as all the legal rights and obligations that marriage brings. Maine is full of same-sex couples who have been together for decades, have weathered life-threatening illness, are raising children, worry about their finances, and do their best to plan for the future.

Every day, lesbian and gay Mainers and their families suffer because they are treated as second-class citizens. In order to protect families and recognize full equality for all Mainers, we must protect marriage rights for LGBT Mainers now.

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