September 07, 2009

Encouraging Words 9/7/09'-"The Tounge Can Be a Two-Edged Sword"

Here is an essay I (Jim) wrote for Whosoever, an online magazine for GLBT Christians:

You're an abomination! God hates fags! Your lifestyle goes against nature!

Now that I've got your attention, let me first emphasize that is not how I feel toward LGBT people. Unfortunately, there are still far too many people who do, and I'm sure most of you reading this have run across some who were more than willing to share those feelings with you. Even worse, it may have come from a loved one (spouse, parent, child) or someone you respected (pastor, close friend).

It's one thing if you suspect someone has those attitudes, but it's much more painful when they express them verbally, either to your face or behind your back, but within earshot.

Let's face it, the old childhood saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is only half true.

Words can hurt.

Now, let's take a different approach.

I love you. God made you in His image, so you have value. All of us who come to the cross can be saved.

I actually believe that group of statements. I suspect some of you have never heard them directed at you from a straight person before, and I believe people withholding that love and acceptance are acting outside of God's will.

Some of you, however, have heard those words from a straight ally. Once you got over the shock, I bet it felt pretty good, didn't it?

Words can also heal.

One of the most important lessons Jesus taught us during His time on Earth was the power of the spoken word.

Click here to read the rest of the essay.

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