September 18, 2009

LGBT Helping Hands 9/18/09: The Vermont Diversity Health Project

The Vermont Diversity Health Project’s (VDHP’s) Mission is to improve the health and wellness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Vermonters by building bridges between health care providers and LGBTQ people throughout the state. We help patients identify friendly, supportive and effective health care providers, and we offer training and support to enhance providers’ skill in working with LGBTQ people.

We are a collaborative project, organized by volunteers, health care consumers and providers and social service professionals who are working to increase LGBTQ Vermonter’s access to quality health care.

Our project is a collaboration between Vermont’s three largest LGBT organizations: Outright Vermont, serving Vermont’s queer youth for 15 years; R.U.1.2? Queer Community Center, offering multi-generational services and advocacy for queer people; SafeSpace, a direct service organization for survivors of same-sex sexual and domestic violence and hate crimes. Additionally, the New England AIDS Education and Training Center’s HIV Education Consortium provides technical assistance and financial support. The Vermont Department of Health has supported VDHP since our inception.

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