August 22, 2009

Encouraging Words 8/23/09-Questioning God Could Be the Beginning of Godly Wisdom

So many of us who grew up attending church were taught that the wrath of God would directly fall on us if we dared to question Him. Actually, the opposite is true. God wants us to engage Him is discussion, even debate. It is be asking/seeking that we can learn what God truly meant in the Bible and what his will is for our lives.

Here is a site, Gay Bible Christians, that encourages people to question teachings like the one I mentioned above and endeavors to help direct people to engage God and His Word in a way that helps them find answers. Here is their vision:

Are you Gay and..
.. barred from or having to hide to stay in straight churches & groups? Or,
.. feeling empty or even grossed out in your local Gay churches or groups? Or,
.. wondering if the Christian message really has anything to do with you after all? Or,
.. worried that you aren't and can't be saved by Jesus, unless you stop being Gay? Or,
.. so disgusted with Christianity or Christians that you've left everything "Christian" behind?

If so..
Do you realize you may have come to this point in your life precisely to bring you closer to the real God, and the real message, and the real love, of Jesus Christ?

Do you realize that most of what's been put forth as "Bible Truth" in the last 2,000 years is completely false, according to the Bible -- and that the Bible predicted it would be so?

Do you realize that questioning what's put forth as "God's Truth" in your life can be where godly wisdom truly begins? is a safe place for you and your questions -- whether you are a Gay Christian in love with Jesus, a Gay atheist who hates Christianity, or someone else in between. (It's also a safe place if you are a straight Christian who is concerned about the salvation of a Gay loved one.)

The real God isn't afraid of your questions, and He isn't afraid of your scrutiny. He's also more loving and just than any mainstream or traditional church, denomination, leader, tradition, or Bible translation has ever painted Him to be. God is on your side!

We learned this ourselves, firsthand. We are Gay Christians (from a number of different denominational backgrounds) who've questioned God, and scrutinized His Word -- and we've come to more and more peace and trust in God, as we've come to understand the truth of the Bible (when it's presented as God gave it to all people, that is).

I encourage you to visit Gay Bible Christians and bring your questions. Come hungry to learn.

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