August 20, 2009

Encouraging Words 8/20/09: Standing Up Against Homophobia

Well, if pictures are worth a thousand words here's a link that has more encouraging words than we've ever posted here.

This Is Oz is a website established to "Speak up for an inclusive Australia." They do so with photos of people that challenge "homophobia and/or celebrates diversity." Although the site is devoted to participants from Down Under, the message is clearly universal.

I encourage you to visit this site and soak in the wide variety of people, straight and gay, standing up and speaking out against homphobia. I particularly enjoyed the number of athletes who participate here, given that sports is still often a homophobic stronghold. One of them asks the question "All rugby players are boofheads?" I'd love to know what a boofhead is, but let's keep it family friendly please.

Click here to enjoy "This Is Oz"

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