December 26, 2007

A Reasonable Perspective on Same-Sex Marriage

This editorial from the Tampa Tribune does not support same-sex marriage, not even close. However, neither does it support the building battle in Florida over a state constitutional amendment banning it either. Expousing the view of most reasonable people, the editorial points out that, support or oppose same-sex marriage, there are more wide-reaching issues for voters to worry about in November, and better things for the amendment's supporters to spend their time and money on. A sense of perspective is something sadly lacking from the right-wing, and this editorial is another example that more people are realizing that is the case.

We're sympathetic to those who would protect traditional marriage as a
sacred trust. These are people who fear for our culture and lament the loss of
respect for the institution. But changing the constitution, when it hasn't
proven necessary, is not the way to do it.

Americans have grown more tolerant of their gay and lesbian neighbors and
are appalled by the violence and discrimination some have faced.

A number of state and local governments have responded by outlawing
discrimination based on a person's sexual preference. And an increasing number
of businesses are granting spousal benefits to homosexual partners as a way of
retaining valuable employees.

Homosexuals should not be denied employment, public accommodation or any of
the civil liberties enjoyed by Americans.

But marriage is not simply a civil rights issue. It is an amalgam of faith,
values and tradition. Changing its definition is no trifling manner.

But make no mistake. Gay marriage is not the biggest threat to the
institution of marriage. Bigger assaults are exposed by divorce rates and the
growing number of out-of-wedlock births. Almost half of marriages today end in
divorce. In Florida, one in four babies is born to an unwed mother.

To best defend the institution of marriage, we should quit looking for
bogeymen where there are none.


  1. Conservative Christians who believe in such statements such as "judge not lest ye be judged" etc should be joining the rallying for gay marriage. Marriage is falling apart amongst hetero people. As someone married 40 years ago this month, I bet I am in the minority of people still married, same spouse.

    Isn't it amazing how so many people fall for the often hateful messages delivered in the Name of God, while they are the ones destroying marriage. And what is really behind it all, though the anti's don't realize it, is that from prehistoric times, mankind has had a division within 'families' where the man does the heavy lifting, and is the foodwinner, warrior, etc., while the woman is subservient to the husband. If you doubt that btw, go check on how much crap about the "sanctity of marriage" came out when women were trying to get the right to vote, and be treated as equals in the family. A window into those days can be seen today in Saudi Arabia in its treatment of women, which we would call atrocious. Gay marriage actually threatens our patriarchial society - same sex couples - "one of them must be the woman" - how horrible. Two women together - how dare we let one act like the man. Same thing occured in the integration of M and Fem in our armed forces, though this is reduced, but note that women are still protected re direct combat assignments.

    So that is what much of the struggle is about. Not marriage sanctity, not marriage, but breaking down the patriarchism, where the male dominates, the female is subservient. Much less now in western culture, but it is still there.

    So, come on good Christians. Your gay brothers and sisters, all made "In His Image" (note the historical gender issue in that statement) are trying to be an example and join the institution of marriage. You should be thrilled, you should take the teachings of Jesus to your heart, and welcome these people to full citizenship and love.