December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well, Pastor Brenda and I have our Christmas plans all lined up. We're sharing the day with her mother, one or two of her sisters, and as yet unannounced nephews. All in all, we are blessed with the opportunity to have a typical family holiday.

That doesn't mean I've lost track of the fact that some of my readers will not have the chance to enjoy that blessing this year for a variety of reasons. That's why I'm posting this link to a wonderful resource that gathered scriptures, audio bible readings, some of the classic hymns, commentaries, sermons and even artwork so you can have your own private Christmas celebration.

Christmas: Celebrating the First Advent of Christ

It may not be the most festive you've ever had, but it sure will help you get/stay focused on what the day is all about, the birth of the Savior of all mankind.

Regardless of how you spend the day, I hope you will enjoy it.

God bless and have a merry Christmas,


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