July 10, 2007

What Message Does Your Organization Have to Share?

I continue to look for ways to be a more effective adovcate for GLBT equality in politcs and the church.

One upgrade I am making to this blog is placing more of an emphasis (without reducing original content) to let people know of the action orgainzations, either local, national, or international, are taking to advocate for the GLBT community. The post below from the SLDN is an example of that.

I have signed up for a LOT of mailing lists over the last few months, but if you are a member of a group that I've missed and your mission matches up with the theme of this blog, please let me know. Also, even if I'm on your mailing list but you think I've missed something important, I'd like to hear about that also.

One thing I won't be doing is posting fund raising events. That's just not the mission of this blog. It's about issues, not money. I wish any and all advocacy groups much success in their fund raising efforts, but I don't want that to become a focus here. I hope you understand and respect that.

As I've contributed on occassions to other sites, if anyone, either as a representative of an organization or as a concerned individual, has something to say and would like it posted here, I am also open to that. I've posted a few items like that in the past and would love to include other voices here.

My e-mail is straight_notnarrow@yahoo.com.

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