July 12, 2007

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Gay Rights

In case you missed this excerpt from a Vanity Fair article in which actor/activist Brad Pitt interviewed Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, here it is via the site Josh & Josh are Rich & Famous:

Brad Pitt: So certainly discrimination has no place in Christianity. There's a big argument going on in America right now, on gay rights and equality.

Desmond Tutu: For me, I couldn't ever keep quiet. I came from a situation where for a very long time people were discriminated against, made to suffer for something about which they could do nothing--their ethnicity. We were made to suffer because we were not white. Then, for a very long time in our church, we didn't ordain women, and we were penalizing a huge section of humanity for something about which they could do nothing--their gender. And I'm glad that now the church has changed all that. I'm glad that apartheid has ended. I could not for any part of me be able to keep quiet, because people were being penalized, ostracized, treated as if they were less than human, because of something they could do nothing to change--their sexual orientation. For me, I can't imagine the Lord that I worship, this Jesus Christ, actually concurring with the persecution of a minority that is already being persecuted. The Jesus who I worship is a Jesus who was forever on the side of those who were being clobbered, and he got into trouble precisely because of that. Our church, the Anglican Church, is experiencing a very, very serious crisis. It is all to do with human sexuality. I think God is weeping. He is weeping that we should be spending so much energy, time, resources on this subject at a time when the world is aching.

Brad Pitt: I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for saying that.

I beileve that God does weep when His children are denied basic rights, especially when it is done in His name.


  1. I love that man. I was blessed to hear him speak a few years ago, while I was still very early in my spiritual journey, and I remember nearly crying with relief when I heard this gentle, deeply holy man say that "God loves all of us... all, all, all... gay, lesbian, so-called straight, and He reaches out his arms to all." I caught a glimpse of God that night, being touched by grace, and it has never left me since.

  2. What a beautiful quote from Tutu. I am saving it; thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  3. thanks so much for sharing this quote!