June 27, 2007

What a Family is Really About

The folks at Family Pride were kind enough to invite me to contribute to their blog, and I was delighted to accept. I'll be posting over there roughly once a month.

Here is my first contribution:

If I hear one more right-wing zealot prattle on about “preserving the traditional family” I’m going to puke. Back in October, 2004, I learned once and for all what the word family meant, and it didn’t resemble the “traditional” model that some people believe is the anchor of our society.

My wife Bette passed away suddenly on October 11, 2004. It was at that time, the lowest point of my life, that two gay men showed me what being family was truly about.

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Thanks to Page One Q for linking to this story!


  1. Amen, Jim! I never heard that story. Thanks for sharing it. My friends, Jane and Jeanne, have been the same way with each other's families. If anyone needs anything, they know to call J & J up. They don't see them as the two lesbians in the family. They see them as the caring couple who will drop everything and run if there is a need. Like you said, it's about love. That's what really matters. Isn't that what I Corinthians 13 says?!