June 30, 2007

Homophobes Take a Stand in San Diego

You've just got to shake your head when you read headlines like this from the AFA's "news" arm, One News Now:

A Christian activist says homosexuals in San Diego are hijacking a family event at a Major League Baseball game to introduce their immoral behavior to children. According to James Hartline, a group of Christians are planning a counter-protest in support of children and families.

The event that has their undies all twisted up is a GLBT Pride gathering for the Padres game that night and the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego singing the national anthem. The leader of the protest, who is identified as a "former homosexual," points out that some of the concession stands are run by Christian groups as fund raisers.

They have all voted and decided that they could not, as Christians and in good conscience, participate in their jobs on the same day that all these children are going to be indoctrinated into homosexuality. And they are willing to take the loss and they are going to walk off the job in protest."

Indoctrinated into homosexuality? Is there going to be a "recruiting drive" like bigots often accuse GLBT groups of having? Of course not. You can disagree with a professional sports team having a pride event, but to go off the deep end like this is purely homophobia. In this case, I suspect since the leader identifies himself as a "former homosexual" that there is a large dose of self-loathing mixed in.

Fortunately, most rational people see this for what it is, which is really a lot of noise over nothing. In fact, the attention this will receive in San Diego could lead more GLBT people to attend the game than might have otherwise. Often times homophobes do a better job promoting GLBT events than anyone else.

Ultimately, though, most people will just show up, enjoy the chorus, and root for the Padres. The crowd will probably just be a bit more fabulous than normal.

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