February 25, 2007

Youth Exploring Faith Through Drama

There is a drama troupe in the Pittsburgh area comprised of GLBT youth between 14-21 years old that takes on a different theme with their production each season. This year the group is taking on their relationship with God.

"One of the biggest themes is the personal issue of sin, of how something that is so natural and doesn't seem like a bad thing, can be seen as horrible and people reject them for it. That is a big issue that most of them are dealing with," said Ms. Haugh, who previously founded the Renaissance City Women's Choir.

I really do love the Lord and believe in him and have a personal relationship with him," said Terrance McGeorge, 20, of East Liberty, raised Baptist.

"But I'm against organized religion. . . . Religion is supposed to heal your soul, but it bruises us because we are being discriminated against by people who are supposed to love everyone."

That's a pretty bright young man--finding his own path and making his own relationship with God rather than accepting the comdemnation so many major religions try to shove down young gay and lesbian throats.

Thanks to PageOneQ for the tip.

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