February 25, 2007

Working Against Bullying GLBT Youth in Vermont

As more and more GLBT youth come out and address their sexuality at younger ages, the issue of the bullying they often face in school is receiving more attention. Such is the case in Vermont, where Outright Vermont, an organization that advocates for GLBT youth in the state, has plans to host a workshop about bullying at Mississquoi Valley Union High School.

Unfortunately, when a group like that is proactive and progressive, you can count on some right-wing nitwit with a radio show to oppose them. Paul Beaudry, a radio host on two stations in Vermont, plays the role of the nitwit in this situation.

"I don't think this should be in the schools. If you go to their Web site, they're all about recruiting children into the homosexual lifestyle," said Beaudry, whose child attends the school.

Yeah, whatever. Of course, what they actually mean by recruiting is actually people attempting to help a youngster understand and accept who they are, even if that doesn't match up to the script their parents might have drawn up.

Hopefully the standard right-wing rhetoric of "recruiting" and "special rights" will be ineffective and Outright Vermont will succeed in holding this workshop.

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