January 08, 2007

Gays Out of the Closet in Hollywood

The religious right loathes Hollywood these days, and its leaders will be more that happy to tell you that. Probably one of the driving forces behind that is the attitude Hollywood takes toward gays. This from the LA Daily News report:

Recently, the hinges of Hollywood's closet door have been oiled with three high-profile performers coming out as gay men and several lesbians currently enjoying mainstream success on television.

What is most remarkable, entertainment industry observers say, has been the lack of backlash faced by "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris, "Grey's Anatomy" cast member T.R. Knight and former 'N Sync band member Lance Bass since they came out within months of each other during the second half of 2006.

"The general public is not freaking out about these actors coming out and they haven't stopped watching their shows," gay producer Paul Colichman ("Gods and Monsters") said recently. "Nobody really cares that much."

Hooray for Hollywood and open minds.

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