January 13, 2007

Concerns With Exodous' Youth Ministry

Peterson Toscano is a familiar name to many of the readers here. Peterson is what could be called an ex-ex gay, meaning he went through therapy to "cure" his homosexual orientation, then recanted that and went forward embracing life as a gay man. Peterson has stayed close to the "ex-gay" movement, and currently involved is working with the leading ex-gay organization, Exodus International, to resolve some concerns with their youth "ministry."

Here is an excerpt from Peterson's blog:

On June 26, 2006 I initially left voice messages for Alan Chambers of Exodus International and another national ex-gay leader about inappropriate incidents that affected youth at an Exodus member ministry. I will not go into the details at this time, but I shared three specific situations that happened within the previous year. The shocking details of the third situation compelled me to contact Alan and this other national leader. In my initial messages I said that I would rather discuss this privately, but if they did not wish to talk, then I would initiate a public discussion.

Peterson is at somewhat of an impasse with Alan Chambers and Exodos, so he has begun to go public with this issue. There will be some of you that will question Peterson's methods, wishing he directly and aggressively confronted them, but I appreciate the approach he has used here and pray that it is effective.

Click here to read more about concerns regarding Exodus' work with youth on his blog. There is also an update to this story.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for working toward such a noble cause. I've linked to your blog via mine and I hope that is okay.

    God bless!