July 19, 2006

More Insults to Gays in Kentucky

This report from The Advocate and Sirius OutQ News really aggravated me:

"A day after calling gays "the wrong kind of people," Kentucky state senator Richard Roeding continued his verbal barrage against gays, calling the Republican political group Log Cabin Republicans "a bunch of queers." After learning that the state Log Cabin chapter had called for his resignation, the northern Kentucky Republican used the derogatory term to describe the group in an interview with The Cincinnati Post.

Log Cabin called for Roeding's resignation after he said that the University of Louisville was wrong to offer health benefits to gay and lesbian domestic partners as a way to make the university competitive and attract talent. "I don't want to entice any of these people into our state," Roeding told The Louisville Courier-Journal in a story published Friday. "Those are the wrong kind of people."

After hearing of Roeding's "queers" remark, state senate president David Williams called Roeding, who then apologized to Williams for using the term. No word on whether he planned to apologize to the Log Cabin Republicans—or to gay Kentuckians"

Well, Senator Roeding, being a Maryland resident, I hope you stay in Kentucky or anywhere but Maryland. I wouldn't want any people like you enticed to my state. It is scary that people like that actually have a vote toward developing laws and spending tax money.

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  1. It has been interesting watching the reaction to the University of Louisville's decision to extend health benefits to domestic partners. Here in Louisville, no one has even raised an eyebrow. It was the right thing to do and it just wasn't a big deal. But, the reaction of those in Northern Kentucky was to be expected. The suburbs of Cincinnati are by far one of the msot conservative areas of the state.

    What has gone unnoticed by the national media and bloggers is the reaction to these fools by the states largest newspapers and more reasoned citizens. I urge your readers to check out bluegrassreport.org to get a sampling of how disgusting most Kentuckians found these remarks.