July 17, 2006

Misrepresenting In God's Name

This article from Planet Out is ostensably about a group of GLBT families who are marching on the Colorado Springs headquarters of Focus on the Family. Further into it, though, it raises a very important issue which is one of the primary motivations for this support.

Focus on the Family is not truthful.

The article goes into some detail about how the organization has misrepresented data in a way to support their ideology. Politicians do it all the time, and I think most people have lowered the bar far enough to expect that on both sides of the isle.

It's a LOT worse when it is done with God's name attached to it, as is everything Dr. James Dobson's band of right-wing spinmeisters does.

Can Dr. Dobson, or any bible scholar for that matter, show me one instance in the Bible where Jesus misrepresented ANYTHING to make a point? Where did He "spin" anything to make it more paletable or to trick someone into believing anything He said? I don't see the slightest hint of that in my Bible.

How angry do you think God gets when political zealots like Dobson and his ilk do that in his name?

I'm confident He is very upset and that He will take that up with those folks on judgement day.

Let 'em try to spin that!


  1. The only doctrine preached by Jesus and his discipes was love-love of God and love of fellow man. Because love is basically spiritual, of greater depth than words, it permits of no doctrinalisation. Love is a drawing power. If it is to be reciprocated, it can never be coerced.

    Over the last two millennia, a large portion of humanity has been drawn to the New Testament values demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth.This drawing power has been utilised and capitalised upon by most of the leaders of organisational Christendom.
    These leaders hold their adherents in obedient thrall through an invented doctrinal system of rewards and punishments.

    The greatest 'misrepresentations' are the doctrines that impose a barrier between Jesus of Nazareth and the rest of humanity;
    they 'misrepresent' the values he stood for; they falsify the issues that brought him into collision with the priests; and they conceal the motives of those who caused him to be crucified.

    God's controversy with humans began in the Garden of Eden and has continued through the ages right to this present moment. It is a controversy that demands of humans that they weigh all things in the balances and find true measure.

    Jesus warned his followers to beware the teachings of the Priests. This warning was given at the end of the Abrahamic period.
    Now, after nearly two thousand years of the New Covenant, nothing has changed. Both Old and New Covenants have been apostasised in the same manner for a similar length of time.
    "He that hath ears, let him hear."