April 24, 2006

Rep. Frank Optimistic on Future of Gay Rights

U. S. Rep. Barney Frank(D-Mass) shared some interesting comments at a fundraiser for the Utah Stonewall Democrats Friday night.

"There is no bigger difference between the two political parties today than on LGBT issues," Frank said. Being an openly gay congressman (he came out publicly in 1987), Frank has been right in the middle of those issues.

When gay people make their sexuality public, Frank said: "We tell the average American that they are not homophobic, they just thought they were supposed to be."

Frank said heterosexual people constantly out themselves by saying something about their spouse or pointing out someone they feel is attractive.

"Heterosexuals also discuss their sexual nature, but when they do it, it's called talking," he said.

To further gay rights, Frank said homosexual people must not only come out of the closet, they must become politically active too, encouraging their loved ones to follow suit. "We don't win this alone," he said. "We win this with the people who love us, who support us."

I totally agree, but it carries a lot more weight when someone like him says so, doesn't it?

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