February 13, 2006

A Retired Pastor's Pilgrimage; Views on Homosexuality

My fellow blogger Peterson Tuscano was kind enough to forward me links to two exceptional columns written by Bill Sanford, a retired Methodist minister. He has written a column for the Merced (CA) Sun-Star and finally got around to addressing the issue of homosexuality as it related to the church. Here is a link to the first one below:

Views On Homosexuality

I thought it was outstanding the way he wrote about not dealing with homosexuality one way or the other, but then he came to a gradual understanding of how God loves GLBT people the same way he loves hetrosexuals. He write this in direct opposition to the formal doctrine of his church which I'm sure was a difficult thing to do. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from his column:

o "Meanwhile, I couldn't help but notice a lot of heterosexual people doing a range of things that could only discredit heterosexuality. I came to the view that it was not one's sexual orientation that was at issue. It was how a person lived his or her life. I concluded that some in both "camps" lived exemplary values and some in both "camps" did not.

o I confess that there stirs within me the thought that even Biblical literalists do a lot of picking and choosing. If they can find a verse they can use to buttress something they believe, they will invoke it with fervor. Meanwhile, many other verses they quietly ignore or tacitly reject. That's how it looks to me from the outside.

Great stuff here. I'll link his follow-up column later this week. If you support Mr. Sanford's views, please take a moment and send him an e-mail telling him so. I'm sure those who disagree have already been in touch with him.

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  1. Except for the part about being a Pastor, his testimony closely resembles mine, from the specific reference to his reaction to the news out of San Francisco, to the various people brought across his path, to his take on scripture, including Levitical law, and all the rest. It's like I was making mental check marks with all of his stages of going from A to B as he put it.