February 16, 2006

Hate Radio Syndicated

The next time you hear the American Family Association ranting about something they don't like on television and want to dismiss them as a harmless nuisance, think again.

MediaMatters.org, a media watchdog organization, posted this recent report about one of American Family Radio's programs, "Today's Issues." One of their recent guests, American Vision president Gary DeMar, has previously advocated the execution of homosexuals, adulterers, abortion doctors and, I suppose, anyone else he doesn't like.

The host of the program, Tim Wildmon, praised DeMar as, "one of the best writers out there in the Christian community and thinkers," according to the Media Matters report. Some other amazingly bigoted quotes from Wildmon, the president of the AFE, were referenced in this report.

AFA Radio-waaaaay over to the right

I post this because I had regarded the AFA as a nuisance, possibly with some good intentions but misguided priorities. I have reconsidered that position and now realize these people are dangerous. GLBT people are one of their main targets, but hardly their only one.

I will make a point to not support ANYTHING they are involved with, and I encourage you to do the same. I believe we need to identify those false prophets who spread hate by twisting God's word and counter their message with truth and love.

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