April 14, 2010

Affirming Resource 4/14/10-"Affirming Christian"

This is a new site started by a gay man and straight woman--we LOVE it when stuff like that happens. Here is their mission statement:

To provide access online to resources, sermons, church services, worship, speakers, conferences, and performers to the GLBT Christian community and their allies. We seek to:
• promote spiritual growth in individuals by offering tools to reconcile faith and sexuality
• provide online listings and access to affirming church services, events and speakers
• increase awareness of the church community at large as to the presence of the open and affirming GLBT Christian community. By creating a safe space for any Christian looking for answers on the gay Christian issue, we hope to break down the barriers of differences between the two “halves” of the Body of Christ.
• Direct seekers to their local open and affirming churches by allowing people to “try before they go” by listening to online sermons.
• To support friends and family of the GLBT community seeking to understand and build better relationship with GLBT loved ones
• to raise awareness of other seekers in the Body of Christ as to the issues facing GLBT believers
• to help make churches more affirming in their welcoming of the GLBT community through increased awareness of the needs of the GLBT community.

Click here to find out more.

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