March 15, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 3/15/10-AIDS Delaware

Our mission is to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS statewide by providing:
  • Comprehensive social and support services to clients and their families;
  • Advocacy for compassionate public policy;
  • Prevention and education programs addressing unsafe sexual and drug use behaviors.

A Brief History

AIDS Delaware is the State of Delaware’s first and largest AIDS Service Organization (ASO). The agency was founded in 1984 by a group of concerned volunteer activists addressing the needs of the emerging AIDS community in our state. Over the last 25 years AIDS Delaware has become a professional not-for-profit agency working for the health of the human family.

Unique in Delaware for our range of services, we provide:
  • Counseling & Testing: Confidential HIV testing using the latest protocols with pre- and post-testing counseling;
  • Case Management: A plan for healthy living that engages the client and his/her family in the process; and,
  • Education & Outreach: Programs for our clients and the larger community to foster HIV/AIDS awareness and to encourage safer behaviors and informed decision making.
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