March 31, 2010

Affirming Resource 3/31/10-Footstep Fellowship Church, Wausau, WI

Founded on August 13, 2000 Footstep Fellowship began with weekly Sunday afternoon services and a devoted group of people dedicated to God and the mission of spreading His word to the world. Since then Footstep Fellowship has set out to build bridges with other churches and families of believers, as well reach out to the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender community who had been misled as to what God "really" thinks of them.

Since then, Footstep Fellowship has been blessed with both triumphs and tribulations from the Lord. Now the group has grown in number and variety. Greater outreach is being made into the community, and stronger bridges are being built among ourselves and other families of believers.

Since November 2006 the members of the church has taken the church to a different level. We no longer have a pastor but instead we use members in the church to give sermons so it is not all one persons beliefs.

We pray every day that each and everyone of YOU may be touched by the Lord's Love, Mercy and Grace. And should you ever wish to worship with us you are welcome at any time.

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