December 28, 2009

Encouraging Words 12/28/09-"I am Gay. I am Christian. I'm Not Hiding Anything"

That's a declaration made by Canadian singer Matthew David as reported by Canada's Xtra:

The 27-year-old singer, who came out to his family earlier this year after deciding to release an autobiographical album, admits he was afraid he’d lose everything if he revealed his sexuality to those closest to him.

“If this was 10 or 15 years ago, I would’ve thought that my only option would be to put a gun to my head or run away and never come back,” David says.

“My whole world was Christian,” he explains. “My family, my extended family — my school was a private Christian school. For anyone to discover that I was gay would have been devastating.”

Homosexuality isn’t often talked about in his church, he notes, but it “is alluded to as the ultimate, triple X–rated sin. If you do it once, you’d be lost forever.”

He may not be writing songs of divine praise, but being Christian remains an important part of David’s life. He still gives a weekly sermon at his church in Abbotsford and cautions that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality outright, even if some of its interpretations do.

Asked how he navigates the opposition from both sides — disliked by many Christians for being gay, and by many gays for being Christian — David pauses.

“Everyone knows that many Christians don’t tolerate homosexuality,” he says, “but many Christians never really get to see that the gay community also believes that you can’t be gay and Christian at the same time.”
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