December 15, 2009

Encouraging Words 12/15/09: An Episcopalian Bishop Favors Marriage Equality in NJ

From the Newark, NJ Star Ledger:

As a husband of 28 years and as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, which has 110 congregations in eight counties in northern New Jersey, I strongly support the marriage equality initiative.

On Dec. 3 in Trenton, I joined 650 people (many of whom were clergy from a variety of faiths), to witness to the need for marriage equality.

I pray that the marriage bill passes so that all couples who have who have engaged in a lifelong union can have their unions recognized. Homosexuality is not an issue of lifestyle; it is a matter of identity. We don’t choose our identity; we are challenged to claim our identity as God’s gift to us.

Click here to read the rest of Bishop Beckwith's essay.

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