November 23, 2009

In Our Own Words-Top 25 Gay Rights & Activism Blogs

The blog "Online Paralegal Degree" has compiled a list of what they consider to be the Top 25 Gay Rights & Activism Blogs. We are happy to be notified that Straight, Not Narrow made this list at #23. We appreciate Laura Wright notifying us of this distinction.

We are always pleased to receive positive recognition, not to glorify what we do but because it tells us that we are properly representing what we believe is a critical part of the message of Jesus, which is His love for ALL mankind. Christianity, properly carried out, is a "whosoever" faith, one that takes extra care to reach out to those who have been pushed aside and cast off. That's a revelation we carry with us in our hearts, and we're glad the Online Paralegal Degree blog thinks our blog is sharing it clearly with others.

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  1. Gay people are bound for marriage bliss as well. They deserve it just as everybody deserves happiness.