August 24, 2009

Who Is the Gay Obama?

Here is a piece I wrote for publishing on GayAgenda:

Leadership. It’s all about leadership.

A profound statement, for sure, but where am I going with it?

Leadership sometimes seems like a lost art, particularly in the public sector. Despite the hue and cry about the war in Iraq, President Bush was reelected in 2004 because Democratic nominee John Kerry didn’t have the charisma, the leadership, to galvanize wide enough support to dislodge an incumbent president.

Things were much different in 2008 when Barack Obama emerged in many people’s minds and hearts at THE MAN, a charismatic leader who gave people hope, who could rally those who were previously disengaged and make them an enthusiastic part of the electoral process. He made politics mean something again to many who had become cynical and felt disenfranchised.

Where is the gay Obama? Where is the person who will galvanize support with the LGBT community and its allies, the person who has the vision of how to bring about true equality in society and can develop the plan to make it happen?

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