August 11, 2009

Encouraging Words 8/11/09-"Transitioning to Acceptance"

What can help make a transgender person's transition less difficult? Love. Here is a story demonstrating how that can work from the Dallas Voice:

When Melanie Blumer transitioned to Oliver Blumer, his counselor recommended he allow his inner child to come out and play, so he could experience what he missed not growing up as a boy.

The 56-year-old Blumer has indeed played, and he hasn’t had to play alone.

Mary Kay Cody is a nurse and the partner of Blumer, a chiropractor. While it’s Blumer who’s physically changed, it’s both Cody and Blumer who’ve undergone a life transition.

Cody says she’s supported Blumer in his journey to self by allowing him to have fun and “be a child.” For Valentine’s Day this year, she pulled out her checkbook and went shopping for the “little boy” in her partner.

When Cody came home, Blumer received military action figures, Matchbox cars, Play Doh and books for a 12-year-old. Blumer was delighted and is grateful for the support Cody has given him.

“If it weren’t for the love of an understanding partner, this journey would have been very difficult,” he said.

Together, they say their love has made the transition work. And because of their love for each other, and for themselves, they’ve found support in society and in their family.

“We are not experiencing animosity, but acceptance,” Cody says.

The couple, who live in Dallas, says the transition has challenged them in many ways, including their identities, their sexuality, their relationships and their well-being. But so far, the challenges have brought them closer together.

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