July 19, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/19/09


There is so much hate in this world and in the United States. What sickens me is how much of it is in your name--some of the loudest and most hateful.

Lord, you told us in your word that you are love. If there is any one thing you made clear in the Bible, that's it, yet so many people choose to ignore or twist that into showing love for you by hating others they perceive are living outside your rules.

Lord, you tell us that what we do for the least we do for you. Doesn't that also mean that what we do TO the least of those we do TO you? Please help people open their eyes and hearts to understand that before more people get hurt and some of those die.

Lord, even those not directly hurt by this hatred are often emotionally scarred, pushed away from you by those who claim to be your followers. You know how many GLBT people I run across that are angry at you when they should actually be angry at those who so grossly misrepresent you. For many of them, the only God they see through people claiming to be Christian is an angry, judgmental God that I personally wouldn't want anything to do with either.

Lord, help those of us who understand and seek to bring your love to those who have only seen hate acted out in your name, help us gather larger, stronger, louder forces to counteract the anger and hatred attached to your name. Help us save lives of people who don't want to know you because of the false image they have seen of you.

You told us that love conquers all. Please help us make that happen here on Earth.


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