June 18, 2009

President Obama - A Gay Advocate?!

I am tired. No, I'm sick and tired! I'm sick and tired of hearing what an advocate President Obama is for our glbt brethren. I don't see it.

The President has not repealed "Don't ask, don't tell" for the military, which he could do without the help of Congress or anyone else. He has not made any policy statements that advocate for same-sex marriage and, in fact, his administration has argued to uphold DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and uses an argument that equates our relationships to incest! The President says all the right things, but I just haven't seen anything to tell me that he gets it. The only thing he's done lately for the glbt community is sign a measure that gives gay or lesbian federal employees with partners medical benefits. Woohoo! Party over here. Not!

What President Obama has done is given our community the big goose egg. I still think he's a whole lot better than McCain would have been, but that's not saying much. Why is it that a president with a huge approval rating and a Congress with an overwhelming majority isn't doing the right thing? He's hemming and hawing on healthcare too! I just don't understand what is so difficult for him. An injustice has been allowed in our country for far too long and he just tiptoes around it like it's a firepit.

I'm tired of hearing what a hot button issue this is. It's quite simple, really. I am an adult person who is a citizen of the United States of America. I fell in love with another adult citizen 16 years ago and would like to get married so that we have the same 1,000+ benefits that marriage affords other couples. Why is that difficult? Don't tell me religion. The Constitution guarantees that the Congress will not establish a State religion or prohibit the free exercise of religion. Therefore, there is no religion that should have any say in whether I am able to marry my partner. It is a civil matter. Frankly, anyone who would deny my right to marry on the basis of religious beliefs should be ashamed of themselves for trying to force their religion on me. My beliefs are different than those on the Right that would deny me the benefit of marriage based on my sexual orientation.

I sick and tired and I'm not going to take it anymore! I am going to call and write my representatives in Congress and the President and express my outrage until something changes. Every glbt person in America and every advocate in America should be up in arms about this issue, but we all seem to be asleep at the wheel because President Obama is supposedly supportive. Until he steps up to the place and actually starts doing something to back up his words about equality, I will not stop calling him on his inconsistency. I will not allow anyone to tell me that I don't deserve to be married, legally, because of who I love. It's wrong and we need to take back our country from those who would deny us the same rights everyone else has.

So, glbt people and those who love us, join in and start a writing/calling campaign. Take to the streets in front of the White House. Visit your representatives. Do whatever you can to let them know that we're watching and waiting for them to do what is right and just, not politically expedient.

Okay, stepping off my soapbox for the moment. Thanks for letting me get that out!


Editor's note: During the presidential campaign, I pointed out my belief that Obama was not in favor of equality for GLBT people, merely less discrimination. He has done nothing to disprove that, and we could even debate the less discrimination at this point.


Newsweek is asking the question "Can Obama Win Back the Gay Community?"


  1. I just about wrote the same damn entry today.

    And I WILL be writing those letters. Count on it.

  2. I totally concur with your assessment and have written similarly on my website. I have written my congressional reps (Texas) you can imagine they are not supportive, but I am writing to the President. This is not a relgious issue, it's a civil rights issue; "all men are created equal" (and women). Thanks for your article!

  3. I think many people mistake his not being openly hostile for advocacy. A sad state of affairs.