January 17, 2009

Stand With Bishop Gene Robinson

The Human Rights Campaign has sent out a message from Bishop Gene Robinson, the only openly gay bishop ordained in the American Episcopal Church, regarding his participation in the upcoming Inauguration activities. Here are some excerpts that I thought should be shared:

Tomorrow, in one of the most humbling honors of my life, I will deliver an invocation at the first event of inauguration week.

Though many of us were deeply upset when President-elect Obama chose Proposition 8 supporter Rev. Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration, the fact that he also invited me – a proud gay man – is a hopeful sign of our president's commitment to reach out to all Americans.

Now it's up to all of us to capitalize on this moment and ensure that President-elect Obama works for equality.

As a gay American, a bishop, and a member of HRC's Religion Council, I was open about my shock and anger last month at Warren's invitation.

But I now feel it's time to turn the page on that controversy – to come together and tackle the next set of challenges.

The blueprint calls for President-elect Obama to sign hate crimes legislation into law, to support a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, to end unequal taxation of domestic partnerships and more.

In the spirit of hope, we ask President-elect Obama to follow this blueprint and keep his promises.

Tomorrow, I will be blessed to stand at the Lincoln Memorial before the next leader of our great country. His message has inspired countless Americans who have waited many long years to feel represented by their government.

I owe President-elect Obama the utmost thanks for allowing me to participate in such a historic event.

I love the balanced perspective Bishop Robinson demonstrates, further confirming how excellent a choice he was to represent the GLBT community of faith in these ceremonies.


  1. Good choice and good comments. What is HRC?

  2. The HRC is the Human Rights Campaign, the largest GLBT advocacy organization in the United States. Their website is http://www.hrc.org

  3. There is a long road ahead for the civil rights movement. Change will come! It always does!!!