January 31, 2009

The Advocate Interviews Bishop Gene Robinson

Bishop Robinson answered questions about his participation in the inauguration activities and his thoughts on President Obama:

Q: Did you ever get clear on how it happened that your comments weren’t included in HBO’s production of the opening ceremony?

A; No, so here’s what I decided about that. First, there was probably no way to determine where and with whom that decision got made. Second of all, it was over, and I think the last thing the gay community needs to be doing right now is picking a fight with the new president or his inaugural committee. My feeling was, it was done, it was over, let’s move on. I received formal apologies from both the inaugural committee and HBO. And I was just willing to let that go.

And as much I would have liked the viewing audience to have heard it, the attention that was drawn to the words I had spoken because of the controversy about why it had been eliminated, probably gave it more attention than it would have gotten if it had been included in the broadcast. The video of my prayer on YouTube, has had a quarter of a million hits and I’m getting feedback from all over the country about people who printed out my prayer and used it at a meeting, or used it at a church service, or whatever.

Not surprisingly, the Bishop shows a very commendable, balanced perspective here, continuing to set a good example that leadership of LGBT advocacy activism would be very wise to follow.

Click here to read the rest of the Advocate interview, including his thoughts on Rick Warren's inaugural prayer and his time with the president.


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  2. What a beautiful and gracious man! Thanks for sharing this!

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