September 08, 2008

Alternate Universe?

I hope you all will indulge me, but I just have to get this off my chest…

I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone with this election cycle! I mean first John McCain and his campaign criticize Barack Obama for having no experience. Then he picks Sarah Palin for his VP and she has less experience than Obama! They contend that Sarah has "executive experience" because she was mayor of a town of less than 10,000 people and has been governor of Alaska for less than 2 years. Huh? Are you kidding me? John McCain has actually said that she has foreign policy experience because Alaska is so close to Russia! I don't believe this is happening. Has he lost what was left of his mind?

Second, Sarah Palin cut funding in her state for things like aid to teenage mothers and families with special needs children and then we find that her teenage daughter is pregnant and Palin also has a down syndrome baby. I’m not even mentioning that Palin opposes sex education in the schools, unless it’s abstinence only education. How did that work for her, personally??

Also, Sarah Palin tried to fire the town librarian when she was mayor because the librarian refused to get rid of books that Palin deemed "objectionable". Book burning, anyone? Heard of freedom of speech, Sarah?

Let’s see what else there is to know about Governor Sarah Palin. Oh, she also said in her acceptance speech that she opposed the so-called "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska. However, she is on record as having supported the bridge until she was named VP pick. That’s convenient.
Sarah Palin has become an overnight sensation with the media. I haven’t heard any criticism of her from anywhere except progressive talk shows! Where are the journalists? Now, the McCain campaign has said that Palin won’t be doing interviews until the press give her respect. What is that supposed to mean? So, should Obama say the same thing? They certainly have been on his butt for months now!

I fail to understand how someone who believes abortion should be outlawed, even in cases of rape and incest and also is a card carrying member of the NRA could possibly help the McCain campaign win, but the polls are telling a different story. The latest is the McCain is up 10 points! How the heck is that possible?! (Note: I am pro-life when it comes to abortion, but I have never advocated forcing women who have been a victim of rape or incest to have their babies.)

You can’t see me, but I’m shaking my head. What is going on here? By the way, Palin’s church has a ministry that tries to change sexual orientation, so she seems to be wrong on just about every issue there is. She also said, as recent as a month ago, that she had no idea what the Vice President of the U. S. does!! Again, am I living in the twilight zone? Please tell me that this woman isn’t going to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency!

I pray that all of this is just the newness of Sarah Palin and that, in the next 57 days, Americans will come to realize that not only should John McCain not get into the white house, but certainly Sarah Palin has no place there.

Stepping off the soapbox now. Love you all.



  1. Sharone,
    you are not alone. I have been feeling the same way. If McCain wins I will lose faith in my assessment of culture. By all my understanding of where our culture is McCain seems to be making all the wrong moves. But I think it's just that I assume too much in people. People don't think very hard, not as hard as I thought they did. A cute lady gets up there and says she's against abortion and no one cares weather or not her policy has any potential to actually reduce abortions. McCain is a master of making complex issues look simple and America is eating it up. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I think people are looking for a reason to like McCain and they are looking for a reason to dislike Obama and that is keeping this election very close.

  2. Sharone,

    THANK YOU for getting that off my chest too. I couldn't have said it better. This whole Sarah Palin thing has me baffled, and a bit sick to my stomach. I honestly am starting to be embarrassed for this country. We are becoming the laughing stock of the world. People don't realize this isn't American Idol, this is the Presidential Election!

  3. welcome to bizzaroland.

  4. Sarah Palin in proof the the republicans are still pandering to the religious right. McCain was too mainstream and compromising for them so they had to put someone on the ticket that they could identify with. (the very fact that McCain was too mainstream for the fundies says something right there but we won't go into that right now) And I thought the GOP couldn't get any worse than W, {sigh} shows what I know.

  5. LOL. your comment about her being "one heartbeat away.." from the oval office is very true (and extremely possible).

    I am also amazed at how many prefer McSame.. er McCain over Obama. McCain seems to be a bit "confused" most of the time, unless he is reading a script. EEK!!!

    just my 2 cents