June 11, 2008

MySpace Friend of the Day: Rebecca Juro


Direct from the page:

I'm a writer, activist, Internet radio talk show host...and oh yes, a lesbian of transsexual experience. If you really want to know all the dirt on me and my innermost thoughts, check out my blog. If you do listen to my show, the Becky Juro Show, which is live Tuesdays 7-9pm eastern on QMO (http://www.qmoradio.com) and the TransFM Radio Network (http://www.transfm.org), you'll find plenty of information about the show on my blog that you'll find nowhere else. A small white rectangle like this is no place to to do any more than just try to give you a taste of what I'm about, so if you really wanna know more, my blog is where you're going to find what you're looking for. All that said, I love making new friends and talking about stuff I think is cool with other people who feel the same way, and that's the big reason why I'm here. Nice ta meecha!

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