May 15, 2008

The Gay Evangelical

I found this interview on I was drawn to it because I met Mel White 10 years ago when I joined Soulforce in going to Jerry Falwell's church in Lynchburg, Virginia to try and speak with him and his congregants about religious bigotry against the LGBT community. I think the interview was well done and really shows you who Mel White is. Hope you enjoy it.


"The Rev. Mel White served the Religious Right until he came out as a gay man. Here he discusses the reconciliation of his politics, his faith, and his sexual orientation.
Rev. Mel White penned the life stories and speeches of conservative Christian superstars like Pat Robertson. His religious leaders publicly and vehemently condemned gays and lesbians, and White tried to overcome his homosexuality with exorcisms and electric shock therapy. In 1993, White came out as a gay man and denounced the politics of hate in the evangelical church. Now, 15 years and two books later, White spearheads Soulforce , an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender acceptance in religious communities.

Here, White discusses the latent power of the Religious Right in the forthcoming presidential election, his antipathy toward civil marriage, and the rationale behind the Religious Right’s homophobia..."

For the rest of the article, refer to the web link I have at the beginning of this post.

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  1. Hi Sharone,

    Thanks so much for link - glad you liked the interview with Rev. White.

    Thanks so much for your blog, it is a refreshing viewpoint that we also advocate; hopefully more will join thanks in part to your effort.