August 24, 2007

Are "Ex-Gays" Also Anti-Gay?

Based on their recent rhetoric following the concurrent Ex-Gay Survivors conference and the annual Exodus International convention in California, Alan Chambers and representatives of the ex-gay proponent Exodus organization wanted people to think that.

According to this post from Box Turtle Bulletin, they are not backing that up with their actions.

A “pro-family” crowd is gathering in Florida next month at something called the Family Impact Summit to “inform and empower involved Christian citizenship”. They’ll be talking about religious freedom, racial reconciliation, global warming (is it global whining?), and life issues. Oh yes, and homosexuality.

And who will be there? The speakers list includes some of the most strident homophobes in the conservative movement. Let me be clear - these are not just people who oppose homosexuality or same-sex couples for religious reasons. No, these are people who actively seek to dehumize gay persons by using derogatory language, lies, and false accusations. These are people who regularly campaign to exclude gay persons from the civil liberties and freedoms that they demand for themselves.

The post provides a detail listing that reads like a rogues gallery of homophobia. Check out the link if you're curious.

Along with this virtual Who’s Who of Homophobia there are a number of other speakers who seem to have been selected due to the one thing they have in common – extremist credentials. Surely, no one who is seeking to reach out to same-sex attracted people would want to have anything to do with this hate-fest.

Yet into that mix are added Scott Davis, Mike Ensley, and Alan Chambers of Exodus International.

Wait!! Really??

But aren’t these the same guys who claim over and over and over that the church needs to welcome homosexuals and help them reclaim their heterosexuality? Don’t they say that anti-gay language and bigotry have to go?

Huh? How does that fit with joining in a conference of noted homophobes which seems obsessed with a political agenda against the rights of gay people?

Good question. None of those men have taken up the offer made on the post to respond.

A rational person can easily conclude that Chambers et al weren't exactly sincere with their claims of embracing gay people. Sounds like they just wanted to combat the negative PR they got during the ex-gay survivor conference.

Let's see how they spin this.


  1. The so-called "ex gays" will never be taken seriously, because all they do is scream anti-gay rhetoric, quote from quack Cameron, and say gays either need to be exterminated, quarantined, or gay sex should be punished.

    They all just sound like a bunch of bitter queens who got rejected one too many times, to me. And looking at all of the loudest "ex gays", I wouldn't doubt that for a second.

    Chambers, Glatze, Cothran, Bennett and the whole bunch are lunatics.

  2. I believe its part of what I would call their "conversion" process. If they maintain an anti-gay attitude they can show others by words and deeds that they did change from gay to straight. And that is all the proof they need to be considered "cured" and accepted by the conservative church.

    Ex-gays only care about being accepted by mainstream society. And like gayleftborg said they are bitter about what has happened to them in the past. Not to mention that some within these organizations are collecting a nice hefty paycheck too.

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