July 30, 2007

Human Rights Are Not a Bargaining Chip

I ran across this piece on Talk to Action which I couldn't agree with more. I hope you do too. Here's the key points for me:

Human Rights are Not Political Commodities

We understand the same First Amendment that guarantees separation of church and state guarantees the rights of Christian conservatives to defend their views in the public square, and to seek redress of grievances through a variety of political and social channels.

In recent months, however, we have seen indications that some in the leadership of the Democratic Party, and some of its candidates for public office, are seeking the votes of Christian conservatives by suggesting there is room to compromise on reproductive rights and gay rights.

While public debates over social issues are a sign of a healthy democracy; we do not believe is proper for politicians to negotiate away basic human rights for any group of people in the United States.

The problem is not “gay rights” or “gay marriage.” The problem is building a society where the basic human rights of all people are respected and defended. Under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, there is no such thing as “Special Rights.” When some Christian conservatives claim that gay people want “Special Rights,” it is a falsehood. Our rights, and the rights of our friends, relatives, and neighbors in LGBTQ communities, are not political commodities to be traded for votes.

They shouldn't be, anyway. When you are deciding who to vote for in the 2008 elections, I hope you try to find someone who would not make that kind of trade.


  1. This is very scary. The Democratic Party does not need to chase after the evangelical vote. They better be careful, or they'll lost the progressive Christian vote and the votes of everybody who cares about reproductive and gay rights. Those Dems are going down the wrong path. . . .

  2. The Democrats need to find some direction. There is not much good I can say for the Conservative right other than they have a unified front.

    If we are going to get the rights we speak so passionately about, we need a unified front