July 02, 2007

Huge crowds celebrate Euro Pride

From The Advocate:

Hundreds of thousands of people from across Europe packed into Madrid on Saturday and joined in a gay pride parade that saluted Spain's socialist government for introducing legislation that has turned this once deeply conservative nation into a bastion of gender equality.

For days, buses and airplanes had arrived in Madrid loaded with people set on taking advantage of a four-day annual gay festival, which started Wednesday in the Spanish capital's colorful Chueca neighborhood as a prelude to Saturday's bigger, continentwide Euro Pride events.

Around 200 cultural, festive and sporting events were organized around Madrid, where organizers estimated as many as 2.5 million people were taking part.

While there's nothing wrong with just gathering for a big party, there was also a serious nature to this event. Many of the floats and participants in the parade carried signs promoting an issue pertaining to GLBT rights, and plenty of them were supportive of the beleagured GLBT community in Poland. There was even an organized protest in front of the Polish embassy Madrid calling for equality for the gay community in that nation.

I'm glad to see that the revelers did not lose sight of those less fortunate, who couldn't even dream of having a Pride celebration in their home country.

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