July 18, 2007

Focus on the Family Works to Keep Hate Alive

In their latest step to protect their right to be hateful bigots, Focus on the Family's CitizenLink aired a snarky video, trying their best to demean the entire concept of hate crimes.

Thanks to Good As You, here's the link. If you even casually care about GLBT rights, prepare to get really aggravated if you watch it.

If you don't want to raise your bloodpressure too much, here's the summary, quoted by Good As You:

Judges have enough work to do just figuring out who did what to whom, without having to figure out what "who" was thinking when they did "what" to "whom."

If we’re going to have equal justice for all, it needs to be based on what "who" did. Which shines the light on a simple truth; hate crimes legislation is not really about hate or crime. What it’s really about is getting the federal government to grant civil rights status to a particular behavior. Which is the off-ramp that leads to the end of marriage and family.

Let that last sentence sink in for a moment so you can appreciate how absurd it is.

Don't dismiss it, though. As I've said before, people really believe this crap.

I really like the point made by Good As You; imagine this piece running if you substituted "black" or "christian" for "gay" victim regarding this issue.

Radio stations would be pulling the good Dr. Dobson off the air faster that you can say good riddance.

Sort of emphasizes why we need the legislation in the first place, doesn't it?


  1. No kidding. I was impressed by this vid and even found myself laughing in the middle section. I'm really glad the opposition are not usually this creative. My guess is that they got someone in from outside to write it. I promise that it wasn't me - I was never approached.

  2. Funny how when they are trying to downplay GLBT's, we are only 3% of the population. But when their pet cause is threatened, then we are going to destroy the family and marriage. Either we are not to be bothered with or a force to be reconned with: We can't be both.

  3. Why can't they read the law itself?

    At least that way you won't be the only one laughing.

    I understand FotF's average reader is about 54. They can handle reading and understanding legislation.