June 21, 2007

"Ex-Gay" Throwdown

I just hate it when they fight, but there's a battle brewing withing the "ex-gay" industry.

As reported by the Christian Post, Stephen Bennett, who runs his own "ex-gay" ministry, has taken great exception to Alan Chambers' recent remarks that he had never met an ex-gay and that homosexuality was not completely "cureable." This carried a lot of weight since Chambers is the president of Exodus International, the most widely known "ex-gay" organization.

"Frankly, I am shocked that the president of the largest information and referral ministry in the world on homosexual issues, would ever make such irresponsible and false public statements," said Bennett in a statement Tuesday. "If Mr. Chambers, a married man and father who once engaged in homosexuality himself, says he's never met 'a former ex-gay' or one who has 'changed completely,' he's personally invited to our home in Connecticut to meet one. I'd also be happy to introduce him to numerous other individuals – all former homosexual men and women."

After 11 years of engaging in homosexuality with over 100 men, Bennett testifies that he was confronted with the gospel of Jesus Christ and has "completely changed," no longer struggling "whatsoever" with homosexual temptation.

But there are those who tried leaving the homosexual lifestyle, and failed after numerous attempts. Peter Toscano of Beyond Ex-Gay – a community for those who have "survived" ex-gay experiences – spent 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents attempting to address his same-sex desires. He tried filling himself with Jesus and enrolled in professional ex-gay programs but realized the process was slowly driving him insane. He now embraces himself as a gay man.

And then there are those who left the homosexual lifestyle, but still struggle with temptation, such as Chambers. He, however, chose to "live differently" and says his feelings have changed too.

"Today, I am a far different person. Not that I don't struggle, but my life has changed," he said, according to The Orange County Register. "I certainly don't have the desire to be involved in homosexuality. It has no power over me."

There's a lot of anti-gay propaganda in the article, not surprising given the source, but it does show a rift in what is already a very small community. Ultimately, anything that prevents them from putting forth a united front and weakening their message is good news for gay and lesbian people.

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  1. I firmly believe there are those who have changed completely. But they are those who began has bisexual, and were shown by the program that they could live and be happy paired with the opposite sex rather than same sex. Unfortunately, they went through tons more pain and anguish to find it out.

    From my own experience, and through other sources, I would say most folks would be surprised at how monogamous most bisexual people are.

    (BTW, Hi Dude :) Long time, no see - I'm still alive and kickin')