March 05, 2007

Scoring Points Off the Court

Former NBA player John Amaechi, who recently came out as gay and has written a book titled "Man In the Middle" recently participated in a chat at Here are what I thought were some highlights from the transcript.

I think that while being gay is a significant, important part of me, not knowing I'm gay doesn't shroud the rest of me.

I don't think that Europe and the UK is a utopia, but governmental backing of homophobia doesn't exist in the same way it does in America. As for the white and black communities, I think they have a disconnect that is being manipulated by people for political gain. I think both regional and national elections are being won on the back of trumped up bigotry.

(regarding being in locker rooms and showers with straight men) .....the idea that gay people can't keep their hands or eyes or thoughts off other men, especially straight men, is absurd. It's based on all the worst stereotypes. This is all based on the idea that gay people are predators and cant keep their hands off people. If people can't look back 60 years at separate water fountains and separate bathrooms, then people will never learn from history.

I must admit that I was sceptical about Amaechi's motivations when I heard his announcement coincided with a new book being published. The more I hear of his interviews and his involvement with the Human Rights Campaign, I believe he is sincerely looking beyond himself and trying to help the overall GLBT community.

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