February 11, 2007

Gay Recruiting?

This came from an article written by Sarah Posner for the American Prospect:

Last fall, while doing some reporting in northeastern Kentucky, I was talking to two local activists (registered Democrats, no less!) about why they were trying to shut down anti-bullying training at the public high school. Their gripe? By teaching that homosexuality is normal, and that students shouldn't harass their classmates because they’re gay, the training sought to recruit students into being gay. "You know," said one of the activists, "homosexuality cannot be reproduced, because two homosexuals can’t bear children. So they have to recruit people into their organizations."

The writer points out that it is this type of mentality that allows people to believe the recent declaration that Ted Haggard is now "completely heterosexual." There are those that want to believe that Haggard and others can be enticed into the "homosexual lifestyle" by gay men that are apparently lurking around street corners (or churches) seeking out straight men to convert them.

It's hard to describe how stupid and far from reality that thought process is, but a section of society historically will do anything to justify the separation and condemnation of people who are different than they are.

Again using history as a guide, this will NEVER be completely eliminated. That's why it is encumbent on those of us who aren't afraid of people who are different and who obey God's most important commandment, to love, to step up and work on opening minds and hearts toward acceptance of GLBT people as our brothers and sisters.


  1. Personally I think people who take that stance unconsciously or maybe consciously support bullying as a form of social control and they ought to be called on that.

  2. That particular argument always makes me wonder if maybe those gays who use the term "breeder" as a perjorative for straights might not have a point, because it is dependent on the obsession with making more people just like one's self, and the assumption that gays share in this need to "reproduce" people who are like us sexually by recruitment. It's as though they fear that if our "recruitment" is sufficient successful, we will become the majority and take over the world by sheer numbers... and honestly, I have to think that mentality says more about them then it would any gay person.