January 04, 2007

A Brief Lesson In Humility

Jim Wallis, author of "God's Politics" and other provocative books, wrote a particularly profound post on his blog on beliefnet.com recently.

In a post titled "Christ's Divinity Should Inspire Humility, Not Arrogance.

Jesus being the Son of God does NOT mean that Christians are better, more right, more righteous, more moral, more blessed, more destined to win battles, or more suited to govern and decide political matters than non-Christians. Instead, believing that Jesus was the Son of God would better mean that people who claim to believe it ought to then live the way Jesus did and taught. And on that one, many of us Christians (who believe the right way) are in serious trouble when it comes to the way we live. Those who believe that Jesus was the Son of God should be the most loving, compassionate, forgiving, welcoming, peaceful, and hungry for justice people around—just like Jesus, right?

An arrogant Christian is an oxymoron.


  1. Excellent post and thanks for the quote... I may use it on my blog at some point soon.

  2. Jim Wallis is a pretty profound author. I like how he is able to really critique our lives and our practices.