November 09, 2006

The U. S. Moves Toward the Middle

The Democrats sweeping victories in Tuesday's elections signalled a move from the right, sometimes the far right, back toward the middle in our nation's political slant. This is good, but not yet great, news for the GLBT from where I sit.

The good news is that it should limit further passing of state constitutional amendments that would ban same-sex marriage. Arizona became the first state to reject a proposed amendment at the ballot box, but seven more states passed a measure this week, increasing the number of states with a ban on the books to 27.

With Democrats in control of both houses of Congress, there is virtually no chance that a federal amendment will even reach the floor again. There is also an upswing in out GLBT candidates getting elected to office, offering a louder and more visible voice for equality.

This is all good, but not great news. Many democrats got elected by presenting a viable alternative to moderate voters from both parties. While those individuals did not run on platforms including discrimination toward gays, few of them engaged in issues of GLBT equality either.

In other words, the 2006 elections stopped the bleeding in the political arena for GLBT interests and began some slow healing that, over the long term, could begin paving the road toward full equality for GLBT citizens in the United States.

That is still a long, winding road, however, but the bus has at least turned around and is now heading, slowly, in the right direction.

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