October 30, 2006

Can You Judge a Man By the Company He Keeps?

I know that most of the readers here cringe at that word, "judge," but hopefully you are familiar with the cliche that question is based on.

Here is a case where we can certainly gain some disturbing insight into someone's character by who they are not only associating with but actively promoting. This article specifically refers to Dr. James Dobson and his two day love-fest with right wing sociopath Ann Coulter on the Focus on the Family radio program.

The article goes into plenty of detail about Ms. Coulter's background and how it made her a horribly inappropriate guest for any broadcast sponsored by a allegedly Christian organization. During one of the shows, Coulter referred to the title of her latest rant, Godless, the Church of Liberalism by saying, "they are the opposition party to God." Given her well documented public displays, some of which are listed in this article, it is not clear exactly what her credentials are to make that statement or offer any intelligent commentary regarding Christianity.

These appearances also further diminish Dr. Dobson's credentials as a minister while building them up as an operative of the Republican party.

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