April 04, 2006

World War on Gays

I am extremely pleased that this blog has an international readership, having been visited by people in 66 nations since I began it a few months ago. I usually keep my commentary on news events to those in the United States because I stick to what I know.

Given the international flavor of my visitors, I thought it was well worth linking this column by Andrew Sullivan in The Advocate magazine. He writes about discrimination and persecution against GLBTs running rampant across the globe. From refusal to allow a gay pride parade in Moscow to a prohibition of public speaking in favor of gay equality in Nigeria to gay teens being hanged in Iran, Sullivan brings home the point that GLBT equality, even safety, is not an issue restricted to the borders of the United States.

The saying goes "Think globally, act locally," but GLBT individuals and their allies need to make sure to both think and act beyond our own borders whenever possible.

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  1. I will see if I can find out the paper but an advocacy paper out of NYC's editor was on the radio with Tom Hartman, discussing the fatwah on gays in Iraq. In some areas they are openly hunted and killed - in others there are beatings and murders. . .Not that I am a fan of Saddam, but they were generaly tolerated under his regime.