April 18, 2006

How Does It Feel to be a Political Pawn?

There are several items on the Republicans' congressional agenda leading up to the 2006 elections, and the GLBT community is right in the crosshairs.

The Republicans aren't even trying to mask their intentions any more. They are clearly playing to their right-wing base by introducing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, along with pushing for abortion limits and anti-flag burning legislation.

Not coincidentally, the right wing base has made it abundantly clear they expect this and more from the legislators they feel they put into office. Quoting from the USA Today/AP report:

"It seems like for only six months, every two years — right around election time — that we're even noticed," said Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council.

"Some of these better pass," he added. "You notice when it's just lip service being paid."

Bill Frist, the senate majority leader, has accepted his marching orders. ""When America's values are under attack, we need to act," Frist told the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Gary Bauer (he's still around?), the head of Americans United to Preserve Marriage, says "The marriage amendment is in a class by itself because of what's at stake."

What's at stake? Oh yeah, the entire concept of a family. How can I keep forgetting as often as these folks are reminding me?

The report also says "Sending the proposed amendment to the states for ratification may not win the two-thirds majority required in the House and Senate. But committing to a vote in June is a gesture of good faith that would resonate with social conservatives, Bauer said.

I'm glad to see my tax money being put to such good use.

So, GLBT folks, the Republicans think you are a pawn, perhaps even a pinata--you know, just getting whacked around for someone else's entertainment.

Are you going to sit there and take your beating? The elections are coming in November and you have an opportunity to step up and defend yourself at the ballot box.

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  1. I liked Reagan, back when I was a republican. I mean, he wasn't perfect. I've been made aware of some things recently that he did which maybe wasn't so good, but he had some real integrity, and was a good man.

    I look at this mess now, and I shake my head. A president who wears his faith on his sleeve, even pridefully flaunting it, yet the majority of his decisions are anti-Christian as far as I'm concerned. Not only that, but surrounding himself with a bunch of cronies who agree with him, and/or keep him in the dark, and disconnected from the American people.

    This country is so completely divided over so many layers of issues which have been used by the republican party to divide - the whole 'us and them' preaching from the pulpit of the executive branch, always needing to identify the new evil power of the week, with a finger that points in every direction except back toward itself.

    I am as closed to being ashamed of being an American than it any time in my 40 plus years.

    Just my personal rant about the whole mess in general - I could go on, but won't.