March 31, 2006

Practicing What They Preach

A post on author Wayne Besen's website by Chris Lamparello points out the difficulties that christians have living by their own rules.

As an example, Lamparello cites a study conducted at Baylor University, a school that is affiliated with the very conservative Southern Baptist Convention. The results of the study showed that 62% of the males and 65% of the females had premarital sex.

Lamparello quotes another study that reports the highest divorce rate in America belongs to born again Christians.

When people hear "fundamentalists" scream about "maintaining the sanctity of marriage," it can be pretty tough to swallow when you realize that trend. It makes non-christians look at christians like hypocrites.

You may have heared the phrase "clean up your own back yard." That certainly applies here. Could the right-wing be using the tactic of "the best defense is a good offense?" Could they be trying to take attention off the failures of "fundamentalits" to live by their own fundamentals by pointing out the preceived flaws of others, expecially homosexuals?

It's effective politics but not very effective godly living.


  1. Hoards of Christians in the U.S. I think are currently riding the crest of a movement teaching they are stewards of this nation's moral compass. They feel like they're standing in the gap to keep the rest of the country from going to hell in a handbasket. Encompassed with the current article are several others you've featured recently - it's all part of this ...thing.

    I mean, we're s'posed to pray for the nation, and our leaders, but it begins with ourselves.

    But it's only when these individuals one at a time are going to blink, and say 'hey, wait a minute, this is pride, this resembles the phariseeism that Jesus opposed, this isn't love' that this wave is going to collapse - not completely, because we'll always have the Fred Phelps's and others with us. It's just that the majority of the followers, the believers, the ones who are honestly trying to serve God, aren't going to be following anymore.

    Religion can truly be the 'opiate of the masses' at times.